Monday, March 10, 2014

Bkn MH370

Ni bkn citer pesawat hilang. Ni bkn citer hijack kapal terbang. Ni citer bila jiwa hilang. Tak sape tau ble kita akn hlg sesuatu or seseorg yg kita syg. Xkiralah sape. In a split second je bnd bleh jadi. What if klu b4 tu u dont even cherish them seriously? What if back there u dont hold them tightly? Mnyesal pon xguna kan. Coz a decease cant be hold. Cant be touch once they r 7 feet down there.

But the one i lost.. The one 'we' lost.. I know she had given him all. She love him as much as he loves her. She cared. She taught. She learns. She loves. All to him. Mmg sedih ble hlg org yg kite syg. Tp Allah loves him more. Kite semua adalah pinjamanNya. Dan kita xtau ble Allah nk amik apa yg kita pinjam.

Org ckp. Blood r thicker than water. Tp.. We r not even blood related.. But still. We cared for each others more than ever.

May the boy rest in peace n given a paradise by Him.

And may she lives greatly n receive happiness forever.

Love. A sister.