Friday, June 29, 2012

Nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes.

Dah terlalu lama aku tinggalkan dunia blog ni.
Tapi sejauh mana pun kita melangkah, sejauh mana pun kita berlayar, kita tetap akan kembali kepadaNya.

Diri kita xmungkin sama dgn org lain. And dont aspect people to be as nice as u. 
The harshness may hurt you, but the words will be good for you.
Even the acceptance are negative.

Sweet word may soothe your heart.
But its not a guarantee they meant it. 
Reality shows when something knock your head.
And you realize, life are not always sweet.
Dont judge people with what you see.
Judge with what you get.
With your heart.
When the time comes for you to let go,
do it with a tears.
And wipe it away.
For a new life.

Different people go through different things and the things they go through may affect their actions, behaviors and how they come off.